The raised floor system

The revolution introduced into the working environment by new communications technologies have brought a radical rethinking of how to position plant in order to achieve maximum flexibility. The raised floors allow to customize and to modify the space without mason works. They allow to reduce time/cost of laying and maintenance, to spread intervention over the time, to easily install the connection systems and to offer a wide variety of finishing materials. It is an extremely versatile system which gives the designer great freedom of action.

The Solution for outdoor

A unique and innovative solution with panels produced using technologically advanced ceramic or stoneware top finishes: Grintec® system is the solution chosen by well-known designers in a lot of prestigious projects.

Previously to lay floor tiles on terraces was a problem. Infiltrations were everyday occurances because of structural adjustment, temperature changes, under-tiles layers. Grintec® is the raised flooring system for outdoor areas which eliminates every inconvenience: the modular panels, which the floor is composed of, are placed on special supports that raise them from the underlaying waterproof layer.

The Solutions for indoor

Monointec® is the most innovative, technological system produced. Specifically engineered for use with top finishes such as porcelain stoneware, marble and granite, it is manufactured by bonding the top finish and the core made of composite material into a single monolithic block. All without glue.
Total non-absorbance of water, which means easy maintenance and the possibility of washing it with water and acids.

Floor® system allows greatest flexibility and opportunities of exploitation of space through the widest selection of top finishes. Easy installation, with the possibility of complete it in different times, high reduction of costs and time of installation and maintenance and possibility of modifing it at any time without masonry works. Rapidly and easily modifiable connections. High mechanical and fire resistance of the four types of products, produced in the standard size 600x600 mm.

We present two solutions for the carpet tiles and for every loose-laying top finish: Incapsulato and Acciaio. The advantages are many:

  • the loose-laying top finishes can easily be replaced without removing the panel.

  • the panels do not need protection from damages during works on the site.

  • as for the aesthetic final result, the choice of the loose-laying top finishes do not interfere with the raised floor as a structural system.

  • the loose-laying top finishes are the ideal for a high sound-proofing power: i.e. the carpet for the open-space offices.

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